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Dear Sir or Madam, in case you decide to rent one of our homes, you will have to know the following things


The High Season, Middle Season and Low Season start from the Saturday of every week.


Once you have visited the site, contact us and say which is the house that suits you best. From the day of our answer concerning the availability of the house, you will have a two days option in case the house is available. If you do not confirm your reservation during these two days, the option will expire automatically. You will have to pay an advance sum of the total amount of the renting, within ten (10) days from the date of confirmation (including working days and holidays). Your payment receipt will guarantee you the renting of the house for the period you have chosen. The above mentioned sum will not be refunded for any reasons.

Cost of renting

Prices includes tax. The cost of your stay will be calculated according to the exact number of days of rent. Prices do not include the supplying of sheet and/or bathroom towels. Such items, if requested, will cost respectively € 6,00 and € 4,00 per person. The rent does not include the cost of cleaning, electricity and central heating bills, and the cost of the gas necessary for hot water and cooking. Once the client gets to destination, he will have to pay the rest of the rent sum (that is, what is left after paying the advance sum), plus electricity and central heating in case these latter have not been agreed "for what the client uses". In this case, payment, for electricity and heating, must be effected to the owner himself on the day of departure. If a deposit has to be paid for the house that has been rented, this will be paid to the owner (or his representative) at arrival. This sum will paid back at departure or on a date to be agreed upon with the owner.

Bon ton

1) As the day of departure of a family very often coincides with the day of arrival of another, clients are kindly requested not to arrive before 16.00. This will allow us to complete the cleaning of the house. Should clients get to the house before that time, they are requested to wait outside just to speed up the cleaning operations;
2) For the same reason, clients should leave the house within 10.00 on departure day;
3) In case you should get to the house late - after 18.00 - on the day of arrival, because of the traffic of any other reasons, you are requested to inform us, so that we will have a chance to inform the owner - who is waiting for you at the house - about your delay.

Travel Cancellation

In case the contract were not respected, the owner, whom I represent, would be authorized to terminate the contract and to ask for compensation.
If either the owner or I myself will find a new tenant, the deposit will be reimbursed after the deduction for insertion, publication and administration costs.
In case a new rental were not possible the costs for the transfer would be the following:
- If the cancellation is communicated to us within 45 days before your arrival in Italy, the advance you paid to confirm the dwelling will not be returned;
- If the cancellation is communicated between the 44th and the 30th day before your arrival in Italy, the advance will not be returned and in addition 50% of when it had to be paid in Italy on arrival must be paid;
- If the cancellation of the booking occurs between the day of your arrival and the 29th day before your arrival, the advance will not be returned and you will also need to pay 90% of what was due in Italy.
Cancellation must be in written form. The mail stamp will be valid as well as the email date and Fax date. I am positive that you will approve such rules too.
According to my experience, I suggest you to take out an insurance to help the client pay part of the cancellation costs.
A travel insurance is not expensive and protects you from unforeseen events which might prevent you to leave or interrupt your journey.

In case of a cancellation, I will do my best to find a new tenant.
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